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Custom Creations...

Custom Creations...

Custom Creations...

PopSqueak Balloons specializes in unique, custom-designed, custom-made balloon sculptures

  • gifts, displays, and more
  • starting at $50
  • order early for best availability

Get the details...

Get the details...

Get the details...

For safety reasons, we do not recommend balloons for children under the age of 3.

Time scheduled for orders and bookings is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Orders must be placed and paid for a minimum of 72 hours in advance. I recommend ordering at least three weeks in advance. Order earlier for weekends and major holidays when we tend to book up quickly.

I accept orders up to six months in advance. Payment is required to place an order.

Use the form at the bottom of this page or here to contact me for a quote. I typically respond within 24 hrs. with a quote or recommendations.

When you are ready, I’ll email an invoice to you. To place your order, pay the invoice online via credit/debit card by the due date (usually within 3 days).

Unfortunately, I cannot hold unpaid dates or make unpaid orders.  If you have not paid an invoice, you have not placed an order.

Call  719-345-2826  ASAP if you did not receive your invoice or missed your payment deadline

Balloon sculptures are intended to be a temporary form of art.  Due to the delicate nature of balloons, I cannot guarantee them for any length of time once they leave our care.

My hope is that your sculptures will last at least a week. Many clients report that with proper care, their ballons lasted much longer.

To care for your balloons, keep them cool, keep them away from sunlight, and do not squeeze them.

I add a non-toxic sealant inside displays and gifts (but not party favors/live twisting). This additional step helps preserve them longer than typical twisting balloons.

You can check the gallery to see if I’ve made something similar before. Please understand that I create art with balloons; I do not manufacture replicas. No two pieces will ever be exactly the same. 

Even creations in the same theme can be made with endless variations of style, color, size etc.  It would be impossible to provide pictures of every variation. To place a custom order, you must take a leap of faith in my skill as an artist based on examples and reviews.

Clients place custom orders by giving me a few details and inspiration to work from such as theme, colors, details about how the balloons will be used or who they will be given to but the look of the final piece will depend on my current balloon inventory and artistic preference. 

Order pick up at our location in Widefield is always free. Delivery is available to the following locations:

    • Security / Widefield:
      $10 with $30 minimum order
    • Unincorportated El Paso County:
      request quote based on time and mileage (usually $20-$50)

Scheduled weekday deliveries can usually be made between 10am and 2pm. Weekend deliveries depend on our event schedule.

Please be certain there will be someone available to receive deliveries. The nature of the balloons does not allow us to leave them outside. Refunds cannot be given if we attempt delivery and nobody is available to receive it.

Get in touch...

Get in touch...

Get in touch...

We love to hear from you!

Get a quote for your custom order.

Prices vary, but quotes are always free!

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See some examples...

See some examples...

See some examples...