Meet your artist...

Meet your artist...

Meet your artist...

1.5 hours = $18, 2 hours = $220, additional 1/2 hours = $50
1.5 hours = $180, 2 hours = $220, additional 1/2 hour = $50

Additional charges may apply for holidays, travel, requested early arrival, or customized packages.
Customized quotes are always available.

Get the details...

Get the details...

Get the details...

Balloon artists literally have their hands full creating balloon art. We depend on clients to fully supervise the conduct and safety of their guests. 

For safety reasons, we do not recommend balloons for children under the age of 3.

The fleeting nature of balloons is part of their magic and charm. Balloons allow you to give your guests the gift of a special experience so they can collect memories rather than things.

Balloons that are outdoors and/or enjoy active play could last minutes, hours, or days. 

A balloon sculpture that is handled very gently and kept cool indoors can last up to a week or more. 

Of course!

You will need to provide the artist with a performance location with full shade and protection from rain, wind, etc.

Keep in mind that outdoor bookings can have additional challenges. Breezy conditions can slow the artist down and sun/heat and grass will increase the number of pops. Your artist will be able to provide the best performance and value indoors.

**We highly encourage an alternate, indoor location in case of possible uncooperative weather. We are not able to perform or give refunds if there is a lack of shade and weather protection during a booking. **


Our standard fee includes up to 40 minutes of overall travel, calculated to and from your location.  The fee for additional travel time is  $7 per ten additional minutes to help cover mileage and time.

If your event requires us to arrive more than 15 minutes prior to our booked time, the fee is $15 per half hour.  Be sure to let us know while booking so we do not overbook that time.

If your event is held on one of our many local military bases, let us know when obtaining a quote. We want to plan for the time at the gate so we can be on time for your event.

Fill out the form on this page or here with the details of your event.  We will check our availability and be in touch within 24 hrs to discuss options or quotes.

When it’s time to book, we’ll email an invoice to you which should be paid by the due date (usually about 3 days). Payments can be made securely online via credit/debit card by following the link in the invoice. We will send you a booking confirmation email after payment.

Please note that payment is required to secure your date/time. Dates that have not be secured with payment are not considered booked and are still available to other clients. 

Our minimum booking of 1.5 hrs. serves up to 15 guests with standard-class balloons or about 24 guests with basic-class balloons. More guests will require more time.

We’re happy to recommend time based on your party needs and guest count. Don’t forget to count the grown-ups! Even grandma will want to join the balloon fun. 🙂

See the next question to learn more about our different classes of balloon art.

Bookings must include more performance time than travel. (example: 3.5hrs travel to central Denver = minimum 4hr  booking)

We offer three classes of balloon art: standard , basic , and deluxe. The level we’ll create at your event depends on the amount of time booked for your guest count.

Standard balloon art serves up to 10 guests per hour. As our most popular class it is our recommendation for birthday parties and other small gatherings. We provide a large menu of our most popular designs using 3-7 balloons each as well as special touches of detail you won’t see in our basic-class balloons.

Basic balloon art serves up to 18 guests per hour. Great for larger events that value quantity over complexity. We keep the line moving by using a small menu of quick basic designs that use 1-3 balloons each.

Deluxe balloon art serves up to 7 guests during our 1.5 hr. minimum (~5 guests per hr.). With over ten minutes per guest, we make each guest feel like the guest of honor! We pre-plan a menu of designs that are larger, more detailed, and guaranteed to impress. Awesome for teens and adults! Additional time is $20/guest.

Yes, you can!  We offer pre-made party favors in two ways:  Celebration Cups or Balloons-To-Go.

Celebration Cups are our most popular pre-made party favors. Fill the cup portion with treats, display them as decor for your party, then send them home with your lucky party guests.

celebration cups

When you order Balloons-To-Go, we prepare your pre-selected designs ahead of time for pick-up or delivery. Be sure to ask us about wearables such as bracelets or headbands!balloons to go

Prices vary by design but quotes are free!

Get in touch...

Get in touch...

Get in touch...

Tell us about your event!

We’ll check our calendar and reply within 24 hours.

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Prices vary, but quotes are always free!

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See our work...

See our work...

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Basic Balloon Art...

Did you know you can order a special surprise for the guest of honor?
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Celebration Cups
Book us for live balloon twisting or place an order for decor and party favors.

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