Order pick-ups...

Order pick-ups...

Order Pick-ups...

Is it time to pick up your order?

Your 1-hour reservation is on your invoice.

5845 Kittery Drive

grey one-story
east side of the street
a few houses south of the post office

See you soon!

This is a private residence. PopSqueak Balloons is a home-based business. Order pick-up is by invitation/reservation only.


You can arrive prepared to transport your very delicate balloons successfully by doing the following:

  • Totally  empty the backseat or cargo area (no trunks, please)
  • Line the area with a bed comforter
  • Crank the AC to high on your way to and from pick-up (heat = popping!)
  • Protect balloons from sunlight
  • Move balloons promptly from vehicle to a cool, indoor location
  • Leave the protective bag on the balloons until display time

Someone is guaranteed to be here during your 1-hour pick-up window, but not before and not after. 

Please understand that we often have party/event bookings or other obligations scheduled which make it impossible for us to always be here or to wait on a late pick-up.

If you know in advance that you have a conflict, contact us ASAP to arrange a different pick-up time. The sooner you call, the easier it will  be for us to accommodate a schedule change.

If you missed your 1-hour window, please call and leave a message. We’ll call you back to reschedule as soon as we have the opportunity.

 Balloons are delicate and intended to be a temporary form of art. We hope, but do not guarantee, that your balloons will last at least a week. Most clients report their balloons last longer with proper care. 

All our display balloons are treated with a nontoxic sealant intended to help increase their longevity.

How to care for your balloons:

  • Keep them cool. Balloons prefer room temperature or colder.
  • No UV light. The sun isn’t very nice to balloons.
  • Hands off. Balloons enjoy words of affirmation and adoring looks, but dislike petting, hugs, and squeezing.